Marina Berth on the French Riviera


Our moorings are in the Harbour of Port Camille Rayon in Golfe Juan. A stretch of water of 32 Acres created in order to greet 833 recreational vessels between 6 and 75m long with the possibility of mooring your vessel on fixed or floating docks with the depth of the waters being from 2 to 5 meters.

Marina Perths


Price and Specifics

– 6m x 2m50 (tolerance 6m60 x 2m50) – Price starting from 15 000 €
– 8m x 3m ( tolerance 8m80 x 3m) – Price starting from 20 000 €
– 10m x 4m (tolerance 11m x 4m) – Price starting from 45 000 €
– 12m x 4m50 (tolerance 13m20 x 4m50) – Price starting from 88 000 €
– 15 m x 5m50 (tolerance 16m50 x 5m50) – Price starting from 140 000 €

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