Can I bring my pet?

Only small dogs under 10kg are allowed on our boats, a larger dog can easily damage the upholstery as well as the various fragile equipment on the boat.

Are the rentals with or without a permit?

Our boats are exclusively rented with license. The boat license has to be valid in France whether it’s French or a foreign license.  If you do not have a boat license it is possible to rent a boat with a captain. Captain’s fare will be extra.

Which boat licenses are valid in France?

All foreign boat licenses must be translated into English to be able to sail in French waters.

How do I book my rental?

A contact tab is available on our website. It contains a dialog box where we will be able as professionals to answer you by email. If you want to contact us by phone, our number is posted on the home page.

After making contact, the choice of the boat is made according to your budget and your needs with the help of one of our advisers.

A contract signature and a 50% deposit will be required to finalize the reservation.

Do I have to provide my license and ID on the day of rental?

We ask the tenants to be in possession of their boat licenses as well as their identity documents to verify that the rental of the boat can take place.

If you forget these supporting documents, we will accept the presentation of a photocopy, but we will not be responsible for fines in the event of a police check.

If none of these documents can be presented, the rental cannot take place.

How is the deposit made?

The deposit will be made in the morning of the rental. We will be using an imprint of your bank card, it can be divided into several cards if the ceilings of a single one do not allow it. The names of the depositaries will be noted on the contract,  American Express are not accepted. If you do not have the capacity to provide us with this deposit, the rental will be cancelled.

What are the cancellation conditions?

If you decide to cancel a rental boat 48 hours before the departure, the deposit paid will be retained at 100%,

Between 3 and 6 days 50% of this deposit will be refunded to you,

Beyond 7 days, the refund will be 100% of the amount paid.

What happens in the event of bad weather?

If there is bad weather which would not allow you to go out to sea (strong wind, rain, etc.) the amount paid during your reservation will be refunded to you, unless if the adjournment of the rental is agreed between the rental company and the tenant.

How does the handover and departure of the boat take place?

Departures begin at 9 a.m. and end at 12 p.m., after 12 p.m. the rental will be cancelled for failure to show up.

After finalizing the administrative part, an explanation of the area and its dangers will be made on a nautical map, then the explanation of the boat’s operation as well as the safety equipment will be made with the pilot. After the check an inventory will be completed in order to list the various impacts or malfunctions. Finally, one of our dockers will take care of port maneuvers in order to avoid any collisions with other boats.

How is the return of the boat carried out?

Returns are made at 6 p.m., the waiting time at the fuel station is not considered a delay, if you do not show up by 6 p.m., late fees will be applied.

What is the navigation area?

The navigation area is from Menton to Cap Camarat on a strip of 12 miles, the navigation time is limited to 5 engine hours per rental day. Beyond the limit we charge 10% of the bareboat charter price.

Do babies count as a person?

Infants obviously counts as a person, so they are taken into account in the gauge of the ship as well as in the safety equipment, they will be equipped with a child’s vest that we will provide to you.

Am I insured for my rental?

Yes the boat is insured for the rental so that the signing of the rental contract will switch the insurance on the tenant, in the event of incidents covered by the insurance, the deposit of the tenant will be used to pay the deductible of the ‘insurance.