Cap d’Ail & Monaco Boat Excursion

One-Day Cruise in Cap d’Ail

Very well known spot on the French Riviera. Enjoy the various bays with clear blue water and rocky coast line.

Sightseeing Boat Trip in Monaco

Known for its yachts and its architecture. You should definitely visit the port Hercule of Monaco, the city and its impressive Royal palace.

The small village of Eze is the first stop of you day. Enjoy the calm sea and white sand beaches. Swim in the clear blue water.

Small rocky island after Eze. Isoletta is a unique large rock which juts out into the water, dotted with pines.

Have lunch on one of the famous beaches of the area - La Mala.

Leave the beach of la Mala and cross the St. Lawrence Bay. Enjoy turquoise and deep waters, the cliffs and the sun obviously.

Take advantage of the navigation in order to admire beautiful bays.

A steep and rocky bay which is home to many luxury villas.

Last stop before Monaco, Cap d'Ail marks a real geographical demarcation between a relatively unspoilt region and the Principality of Monaco.

Welcome to the world capital of luxury and yachting industry. Enjoy the unique view from the sea.

Located in the western part of Monaco, the port of Fonvieille slips between the cliff and the other part of the city. It is the smallest port of Monaco.

Very well know restaurant in Moncao with some delicious dishes.

Welcome to the main port of Monaco. Enjoy some unique vessels and have a drink on the terrace of the famous yacht Club.

Just next to the port Hercule, you can enjoy some shopping in this lovely and unique street of Monaco.

Breathtaking view all over the city from the top of the hill!

If you wish to have a little break and enjoy some home made dishes or ice cream - this is the place for you !

If you have some time and energy left, visit the Royal castle. Since 1297 it is the main residence of the Prince.

Enjoy the fountains, flowers and beautiful trees while your walk through the St Martins gardens.

Based on the hill with a unique view over the sea visit the famous sea nature museum.