Cap d’Antibes & Lérins Islands Boat Excursion

One-Day Cruise in Cap d’Antibes

Another jewel of the French coast: Cap d’Antibes is known for its luxury hotels, the famous lighthouse, which allows to have a 360° view from Cannes to Nice, and its steep and rocky coves that make it a unique place of wild beauty.

Sightseeing Boat Trip in Lérins Islands

Lérins Islands have important cultural, archeological and marine interest. The water is crystal clear and shallow and it is ideal for bathing and anchor.

Start your day by exploring a tiny and colorful port. Sand beach and clear water - perfect spot for the first swim and little snack!

Next stop is at the famous Milliardaires bay. Enjoy the view on the famous villas and the famous Eden Roc Hotel.

Very well known beach on the French Riviera with white sand, clear water and rocky coast. You can have lunch at the famous Keller Beach - very well known by the locals.

Very well known public beach between Cap d'Antibes and the old city of Antibes. If you wish to enjoy a private beach you can stop by Royal Hotel.

Try and see some dolphins on your way to Lérins islands.

Your first stop at the islands will be at the St Honoat island.

Your visit to the island will allow you to see this great edifice based on the sea.

Enjoy a lovely meal or a drink at La Tonelle. Very well known restaurant for the home made local dishes.

Your next stop will be at the second island.

Located between land and sea the Bateguier pond and a unique sanctuary of its kind where you can see many birds.

Situated on the island with the view over the Cannes bay this restaurant is very well know for the gastronomy dishes.

Before heading back to the port of Golfe Juan have a swim in between the islands.