Agay & Estérel Boat Excursion

One-Day Cruise at the Estérel mountains

If he were to remain one, the Esterel mountains would be the inevitable only. Its characteristic red rock and steep reliefs lend charm to the landscape planning. You fall under its spell, we guarantee you ! The soil and rocks of the range are of volcanic origin, composed mainly of porphyry, which gives the hills a red color.

Boat Trip in Agay

Agay is located between the Cap Dramont and the tip of the Baumette. The Agay Harbour is a jewel of aquatic diversity and a perfect place for those who love wild landscapes.

First leg of your trip is the town of Théoule which is located at the begining of Esterel area. You will enjoy the rugged scenery, red rocks and magnificent villas.

Small port placed below a cliff with a unique architecture.

House of Pierre Cardin - the Bubble House is a unique piece of art in the world! It blends perfectly into the landscape and it is almost invisible among the red rocks. Keep your eyes open!

First bay of your trip - the Cove of the two brothers is simply heavenly! A unique contrast between the red rocks and the turquoise water.

Travel through the Esquillon bay in order to attend the Figueirette port.

The port of Figueitte is a small port lost in the rocks of the Esterel. Really nice spot to have a stop.

Perched on the edge of the Trayas you can admire a magnificent Castle which flows to the sea.

Ideal spot to stop. Drop anchor and take have a swim!

The tip of Cap Roux is very impressive. Here is the highest point of Estérel which ends up in the water.

The calanque of St Bartholomy is totally wild and protected from all winds, all in one landscape paradise!

Nice little island before the Agay Bay.

The Bay of Agay is an extremely sheltered Harbour. Great view, perfect spot for a swim!

The beach of Agay is a very large white sandy beach. Ideal for water sports!

Last stop before returning to the port of Golfe Juan is the golden island with its beautiful tower.