Grimaud & St-Tropez Boat Excursion

One-Day Cruise in Grimaud

Situated in the bay of St Tropez, this city is a little French Venice. Enjoy the small marina which will bring you to another century.

Sightseeing Boat Ride in St Tropez

The town itself is a jumble of ochre-colored buildings surrounding the port and narrow streets and alleys that climb away from it to the hills above. The Citadelle, an ancient fortress on a rise, stands guard and is visible from the sea. Most of the town’s industry depends on tourism, but what you have when you strip away the celebrities, the yachts and the paparazzi is a happy, comfortable place a small French town with history and a sense of place, a maritime sensibility, world-renowned sandals and the famous Tarte Tropezienne, a cream-and-sponge cake developed by a relocated Pole from a recipe he got from his grandmother.

Enter a unique port of Grimaud. Known as a little French Venice, enjoy the multiple canals and small bridges.

Situated at the exit of Grimaud port, the spot is perfect for a quick stop and a swil.

You can stop for lunch at the famous Les Pieds dans l'eau restaurant.

Next stop the St Tropez Harbor. Enjoy the unique atmosphere of this very well known port.

You can stop and walk around the St Tropez vilage. You can find some luxury shops and little bars all around the city.

Enjoy a magnificent view over the town and the port from the top of the hill. Citadelle, an ancient fortress on a rise, stands guard and is visible from the sea.

You can go up the Epi dock in order to have a great view over the yachts and sailing boats.

Very well known and fancy restaurant at the port.

Known for its market, Place des Lices is a typical place of St-Tropez where you can discover some hand made local crafts.